Built with

  1. Trauslums (2024)

    An interactive sound installation that explores the themes of taking small steps and listening to one's inner self, inspired by Pauline Oliveros's ideas of deep listening. This interdisciplinary project is part of the "Dzirdes Reljefi" sound exhibition at RIXC, Riga, in 2024.

  2. Through The Fragile Lens (2023) 

    Electroacoustic composition where main characteristics include fragile textures, in a combination with female voice, field recordings and synthesized sounds.>>>>>

  3. Ethern:ty (2022)

    Mixture between meanings - eternity and ether, is the story concept behind this composition. Soft textures in this piece as a reminder of life that flows like sands through hands. Other gestures for the movement and flow, almost like a physical trigger. Originally made for 8 channels.


  4. Does Everybody Dream? electroacoustic composition for Tallinn New Music Ensemble (2021)

    Visual artist: Zane Dombrovska (LV)


  5. Magnetic Mirror for flute and electronics, and visuals (2020) 

    Music: Agita Reke

    Visuals, flute : Renata Kambarova (BE)



  6. INJURED BIRD for choir and electronics (2020)

    Latvian Radio Choir, conductor Kaspars PutniƆš