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  1. Performing at Ung Nordisk Musik Reykjavík 2022: co·structing


    19 August 2022, 20:00


    Photographer: Christina Raytsiz

  2. B - Network

    Biennale Musica / College Musica

    Foto: Andrea Avezzù

    @ Venice 2021 September

    read here:


    Magnetic Mirror - electroacoustic composition, 2020

    Renata Kambarova performs ''Magnetic Mirror'' in Darmstadt courses, summer 2021

  4. This February/March I travelled to France to experience my music in Philharmonie de Paris by Ensemble Multilaterale. 
    I'd like to thank Yann Robin, Léo Warynski, Ensemble Multilatérale for making this experience possible!
    -- you can find the full concert here -- 
    NOUVELLE VAGUE. ENSEMBLE MULTILATÉRALE - WARYNSKI (available until 23 October 2021)