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  1. Electronic music duo formed by Agita Reke and Sofia Zaiceva. Constructing pieces of music based on unofficial events in human timeline.

    Margery the Medium Album is inspired by ideas of magical-political botany dating back to Enlightenment era and progressing thought Centuries, evolving into an international secret society, scattered from Soviet Union to USA. Their mission was to stand against war and oppressive government. «Flower Power» activities included parapsychological and telepathic sessions, time travel, acquiring power from magically endowed plants and using a secret flower language - all in order to uncover disquised links and influence future events.

  2. electroacoustic composition ''Does everybody dream?''

    for Ensemble for New Music Tallinn, conductor Arash Yazdani,

    collaboration with visual artist Zane Dombrovska (LV)

  3. Sound for the shortfilm ''Duna'', 2018

    Director/author: Una Cekule
    Genre: Fiction
    Country: Latvia
    Estimated run time: 15 min
    Producer: Gunda Bergmane,
    Premiere: 2018