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  1. upcoming

    28.08.24. Baltic Science Lab, premiere for "Unhealed wounds" for small ensemble and scientific text. Sweden, Stockholm 


    28.06.24. RIXC, The Center for New Media Culture opening for interactive sound installation "Trauslums", Riga, Latvia

    06.06.24. Tides ambisonic version, ZKM Karlsruhe, Germany

    03.05.24. Electroacoustic performance, with violinist Leslee Smucker (US/NL). Willem Twee Toonzaal, Netherlands 

    25.04.24. Ethernity electroacoustic composition, festival Sound Days, Latvia Liepaja

    17.04.24. Electroacoustic performance, with violinist Leslee Smucker (US/NL). Institute of Sonology 

    01.02.24. Almost Always Ends Up With Diamonds… ensemble Fractales, Brussels, SMOG concert venue

    28.10.23. AFEKT festival Tallinn, BLACK ORCHID for electronics, bass clarinet and piano

    27.10.23. AFEKT festival Tartu, BLACK ORCHID for electronics, bass clarinet, and piano premiere 

    20.10.23. Tides ambisonic version @Üle Heli  festival, Tallinn

    30.09.23. Skanu Mezs festival, duo Flowerpower live set, Riga, Latvia

    16.09.23. Tides(2023) ambisonics version, at Envelope Festival, Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm. Nordic-Baltic spatial sound works

    16.08.23. UNM festival, Oslo. Does everybody dream? (2021) performed by ensemble LIME

    9.08.23. live performance @ Ambisonics/Immersive music pop-up residency, Riga, Vagonu Hall

    3.06.23. Tides (2023) for wave field synthesis system, Institute of Sonology

    6.05.23. Fixed media composition Through the fragile lens (2023)Hague, Institute of Sonology

    12.05.23. Tallinn Music Week, duo flowerpower live performance, Skaņu Mežs & Üle Heli

    9.03.23. Lucid, Live performance @OT301, Amsterdam, event by Whitespace

  2. Performing at Ung Nordisk Musik Reykjavík 2022: co·structing


    19 August 2022, 20:00


    Photographer: Christina Raytsiz

  3. B - Network

    Venice Biennale  / College Musica

    Foto: Andrea Avezzù

    @ Venice 2021 September